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Did I hear you say,”Sunblock Stinks?”
Leah says,”Cancer Stinks more!”

Skincancerstinks.org has teamed up Dr. Leonard Sender, Medical Director at the Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC Childrens’s Hospital, UC Irvine Health, Seventy K, and Block the Blaze at the John Wayne Cancer Foundation with one BIG mission, to help ensure every child is educated about skin cancer prevention and early detection across America and around the World!

Leah’s On a Mission

After surviving stage 3 melanoma skin cancer from the ages of 8-10, Leah Valles came home from school one day and said “If the kids only knew about the simple things they could do to help save their life. How can they make the right choice if they don’t know how important it is? They just don’t know the facts.”

From that day on, she had a mission, to help educate everyone she came in contact with about sun safety and skin cancer prevention. After all, she knew first hand the awful reality of a life threatening stage 3 melanoma skin cancer diagnosis. Cancer is something nobody should have to go through, especially a child, and she decided to do something about it.

How can we ignore the fact that 90% of skin cancer cases are preventable?

Yes, that is right, there are only about a handful of cancers, such as lung cancer and skin cancer, that can actually be prevented by taking simple steps – making the right educated choices. First people need to get the facts to begin to make these potentially life saving choices.

Leah and her team are on a mission but we need your help to spread the word.

photo6Many children have said to Leah “Sunblock Stinks” and Leah would say “Cancer Stinks More!” This gave Leah a great idea – and the shirt with the BIG message was created.

Please join us in proudly wearing Leah’s shirt and let the world know “I Am Strong, Sunblock’s ON!”

Together we can educate, raise awareness and help ensure that skin cancer does not continue to be on the rise. Skin Cancer is the fastest growing cancer among teens and young adults and that can change!